Knowledgeable skilled professional locksmith may do some or all the following: install locks, deadbolts and other mechanical or digital locking gadgets to safeguard houses, companies, automobiles and different property. Locksmiths additionally might modify or restore such gadgets, rekey locks, make duplicate keys or playing cards, generate or program new keys/playing cards for locks whose keys/playing cards have been lost and reply to emergency calls to unlock vehicles, houses and companies that have been locked unintentionally, or whose locks have malfunctioned.

Some locksmiths setup and repair electronic alarm and surveillance systems. Many locksmiths specify, design, present, set up and service a wide range of electronic entry management programs and closed circuit television (CCTV) systems. Due to the combination of digital security techniques with computer systems and networks, some locksmiths preserve safety hardware and software program for laptop systems.

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